SoldierNET - Windows 7 Problems


Windows 7 Problems

There is a known problem connecting to SoldierNET from Windows 7. This is caused by Windows 7 shipping with a faulty driver for the Atheros wireless chipset.

Do I have an Atheros Wireless Chipset?

To find out what make of wireless card you are using, on your machine click on Start and go to:
'Control Panel' > 'Hardware and Sound' > 'Devices and Printers' then click on 'Device Manager' at right hand end. This opens a pop up window. Select > Network Adapters and expand the list if not already expanded. This will list the makes of the wireless card(s) installed. Ensure that the wireless card is enabled. NB. Keep this window open for later.

If the wireless card listed is not Atheros and you are still having difficulty connecting, please call 0131-556 4300 for assistance.

Updating the driver

1.If the Atheros chipset is either AR9285, AR928X or AR938X, download the drivers here.

2.If the Atheros driver is other than those listed above, download the drivers from

3.Once the drivers have been downloaded, unzip the folder in to the Windows drivers folder on your machine's hard drive. Typically this will be C:\WINDOWS\system??\drivers (where ?? is a 2 digit number)

4.Identify if your machine is using a 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System by clicking on Start and go to: 'Control Panel' > 'System'.

5.Update the driver of the wireless card by returning to the open window 'Device Manager', right clicking on the Atheros wireless card, click 'Update Driver' to open the Hardware Update Wizard.

6.Select 'No, not this time' > 'Install from a list ...' > 'Don't search ...' > Select your Network Adapter and click 'Have Disk' > Select 'C' drive in box 'Copy manufacturer's files from' > Browse > Go to the location that you unzipped the drivers to in Step 3 > Open > OK

7.For a 32-bit machine select the file netathr.inf OR for a 64-bit machine select the file netathrx.inf > Open

Once the driver is updated, the device may still show that the old driver version is installed. Check if connectivity is now working, if it is then driver version has been updated but simply not displayed correctly.


These instructions are valid as of June 2012. Windows 7 may have shipped an updated set of drivers since this time. You may wish to check the windows site before installing drivers. SoldierNET does not provide any warranty on these drivers, nor do we provide support and they are installed entirely at your own risk. We provide them here purely as a convenience to you.