First please ensure that the device you are trying to connect is wireless enabled and the wireless adapter is turned on. If you are uncertain as to whether your device is wireless enabled please refer to the manufacturer or vendor.

All Windows and Macintosh based computers with built in wireless have software to manage wireless connections. You need to use this software to select the name of the wireless network (sometimes called a SSID), and connect to it. The SoldierNET networks all use the name SNET. Details on how to do this for Windows XP, Windows 98/ME/2000 and Macintosh OSX are in the next few sections.

The information in this section does not cover devices using Windows Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5 or Game stations (e.g. Playstation Portable (PSP)).

Once you have joined the wireless network, launch your web browser (e.g. Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari), and you should be directed to the login page. If you are a new user of SoldierNET you will have the opportunity to sign up or buy vouchers. Once you have signed up you are all set to utilise the internet immediately.


Use of the Internet via our Wireless network is subject to the terms and conditions SoldierNET and of our provider, and of our Usage Policy. Please take time to ensure you are familiar with these and understand that your use of the wireless network for internet access is in acceptance of these terms, conditions and Usage Policy. A copy of the terms and conditions is available online prior to registration.

If you are having problems connecting please see the FAQ or Support

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