Installing SoldierNET!


SoldierNET is installed and operated entirely by Incito Ltd. We do not charge for the installation nor maintenance of the service. We own and maintain all the equipment. Incito will do all the installation and make all the arrangements with the upstream provider.

We will conduct a survey of your site to assess the practicality of installing and operating an effective service. This provides an indication of the best locations for Access Points, phone lines, and communication equipment.

On accepting our proposal we will agree a date with yourselves for BT to access the premises to perform the line installation, and a date when our engineers can access the premises to install the access points. Where possible we will try and get both completed at the same time.

You will need to provide a power supply that can be used for the main communication equipment. A fused spur for a normal 240v domestic supply is required.

Local site managment will be responsible for any damage to, or loss of equipment whilst it is on the premises. Wherever possible therefore equipment is installed in hidden roof voids, above head height or otherwise out of sight.