Getting SoldierNET!

  • Zero installation cost
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Improved local amenities
  • Free support
  • Free account access

Zero installation costs. We will conduct a survey of the premises, provide all the hardware, and will do the installation for free.

Users only need to have access to a wifi enabled pc and a browser. No complicated equipment is needed nor sophistocated software to set up. In fact if your location has space then we can even provide terminals making it possible to use the service even if you dont have access to a PC or laptop.

By providing high quality always on services you are able to offer additional amenities to your users with no extra capital or operational costs. Your users will be encouraged to spend more time on site increasing their use of any other amenities you provide.

We provide free support to subscribers so that there is no additional burden on your own staff and resources. Tent cards are included giving details on how to connect to the service. Our website provides comprehensive support an the printed vouchers include details on how to get connected.

User are able to access and administer their account for free, and site management can create vouchers and check their usage without having to pay for the connection.