How to use SoldierNET!


You will need a wireless capable device that is able to browse the web. Your wireless device can be any pc/laptop/phone etc that can connect wirelessly using either 802.11b/g standards. Alternatively if internet terminals are provided in your location you can use one of those.

SoldierNET operates what is known as a captive portal. When your computer or device is in range of a hotspot the local network will be available. When you first connect to the hotspot you will always be able to access our SoldierNET site but the rest of the Internet is not available. You can use the SoldierNET site to, buy vouchers, check the remaining time on your existing account and so on, all for free. When you want to connect to the public Internet you simply login to the SoldierNET site.

For detail on connecting to an Access Point see How to...

After connecting to the hotspot start a browser. If the browser starts with a blank page then enter "start" in the address bar. Actually any website address will do as you will always be directed to the SoldierNET site prior to logging in. If you want to logout at any time just click "logout" on the SoldierNET site or enter "stop" in your browser address bar.