SoldierNET! Pricing


Internet Access is from your own PC or laptop. Access can be via wireless access points or if your room has a wall socket by direct cabled (tethered) connection. If connecting by wireless you provide your own wireless capable PC/laptop/device, or by cable you will need a PC with a spare network connection.

The cost per individual for Internet access is dependant on the bandwidth that SoldierNET can obtain for each barracks. This depends on the distance from the local exchange or fibre provider. Detailed pricing is available by contacting SoldierNET on 0131 556 4300.

Please note that payments by credit/debit card are charged a handling fee of 20p. This may be shown on some screens as postage and packing.


Additional credits may be purchased which will run consecutively, allowing you to surf without a break in connection time. Vouchers are ideal for occasional users.


Provides unlimited access to the internet for the duration of your subscription. The cost of the subscription will be deducted from your credit/debit card on the 1st of each month, until you decide to cancel it. Subscriptions are based on a calendar month.

Payment Methods

Vouchers can be purchased using credit or debit cards, or a paypal account.
Subscriptions can be purchased with credit cards, or by paypal account. If you have previously registered a debit card with paypal then you will be able to specify that as your preferred method of payment in your paypal account.