Using SoldierNET!

SoldierNET provides Wireless access points otherwise known as "hotspots" that deliver high speed internet access to public areas and residential accommodation in military locations in the UK. Detailed instructions on getting connected are provided in the How to... section.

In newer SLAM accommodation we provide tethered access to every room using category 5e cabling eliminating the need for a wireless connection.

We provide a number of options for access, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.


With SoldierNET "Vouchers" you can purchase access time in increments of one-day (24 hours) or one week. You can top up your voucher at any time by purchasing additional credits. Vouchers are ideal for occasional use, and may also be available for sale locally.


With a SoldierNET "Subscription" you connect as often and as long as you like, whenever you like. Your subscription will continue for as long as you want the service. You may cancel at any time, or if you are being deployed on operations you may unsubscribe for the duration of your deployment, without losing your account.